L.A. Noire Review

A neo-noir detective action game, L.A. Noire follows a man as he tries to solve cases and rise amongst the ranks of the Los Angeles Police Department. Set in 1947, the story follows Detective Cole Phelps as he undercovers the hidden side of LA and falls into turmoil as he experiences memories from World War II. 


The gameplay involves an open-world design in which you can roam LA by foot or vehicle. You engage in different crime investigations and must solve them through finding clues, interviewing suspects and exploring areas. Sometimes you have to fight or sometimes you have to sneak, it depends on your gameplay.


It’s a decent enough game that has some fun mechanics, but it didn’t keep me entertained. The cases felt long and overdrawn, and I found myself leaving the game after a case. I wouldn’t play for longer than a case. The interrogation is a great idea but isn’t executed properly. 

There are some engaging moments – but this is little and far between. There’s not much to say, but it’s an ambitious game and it didn’t deliver fully. It’s still worth checking out if you like noir or detective games, but don’t expect too much. 


Words by Jenna Rink

Copyright: Rockstar

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