Ranking Dino Crisis Games

Once beheld as a copy of Resident Evil, Dino Crisis soon found its own niche and became a stand-out in survival horror games. In hopes of pushing Capcom to remake the original game (we can dream can’t we?), here is a ranking of the Dino Crisis series.


Of course a sell-out mobile game is the last of our list, especially considering the game is now defunct. It was made for specific phones on the Mobile Capcom service and featured a first-person shooter styled game. The game looks like and feels the original Doom, but in 2003 – it felt out of place. 


No real plot, the game is basically a gun shooter. It’s an offshoot from the Resident Evil Survivor series and plays as the third game in the series. There isn’t really anything special, but it beats the mobile game as the graphics are slightly better. 


The characters are incredibly boring as Capcom tried to go for a space setting with multiple characters to choose from (sorry Regina fans). They don’t even face off real dinosaurs as these ones are now mutations. It’s generic and it just doesn’t feel like a Dino Crisis game. 


Of course, the top two spots would go to the original two, but the decision of number 1 was tough. Sadly, the second game just missed the cut. The legend that is Regina, returns to wreck up Dinosaurs all over again. The gameplay is fun, the story is interesting and it’s just an entertaining game to play. It definitely doesn’t fall into the rubbish sequel category, and can easily hold its own against others. 

Developed by the team behind the Resident Evil series, Dino Crisis reshaped the survival horror genre by adding dinosaurs and a bit of banter. The story that follows Regina and her team is engaging and the creatures themselves are terrifying. If you love Jurassic Park mixed with horror, then this is the ultimate game for you. Let’s hope Capcom get their stuff together and remake this game with the new RE-engine, us Dino Crisis fans can dream again can’t we?

Words by Jenna Rink

Copyright: Capcom

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