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The BioShock Infinite We Didn’t Get

It’s been 8 years since the release of BioShock Infinite – but many fans are left wondering about the original game promised. Sure, the released version is an incredible landmark in gaming with some of the most innovative gameplay and characters – but the original concept was a little more ambitious.

Here are a few things that were cut from the final version of BioShock Infinite, and show us what could’ve been.


Obviously, the version we got to see saw conflict between Comstock’s Columbia and the Vox Populi. In the original concept, it was on a whole other level. The religious tension and inequality seemed more extreme with a whole civil disagreement between the two. As you start the game, Columbia is divided into chaos. 

Comstock’s people are on one side promoting the idea that whiteness and wealth are only accepted in Columbia, whilst the Vox Populi want equality for all. The original trailers and demos show both these people going to the full extreme – harming anyone who got in their way. It’s a lot more tense and scarier to watch – feeling similar to the inequality and violence shown in the first BioShock.


Some NPCs interact with Elizabeth and Booker in the final game – but most are scripted. Originally, there were supposed to be more interactions from enemies to random people.

Some would just start fighting with you more as they realise it’s you, whilst others would beg and plead for money. Heck, even Elizabeth interacted with dead people by putting flowers on their bodies or moving them into a better position. 


The Boys of Silence – originally described as blind but have to hear footsteps to identify booker. In the final game, they are only in a single section and spot booker through visuals.

It’s the same character design but less terrifying overall. The Siren was supposed to be an enemy type that is a regular enemy featured throughout the game with spiritual elements – it later became Lady Comstock’s battle. This was most likely taken out because the game wanted a more grounded gameplay driven towards science.


Despite the obvious changes of her outfit and overall look, Elizabeth’s power was a little more spiritual in the original. Her powers seemed less to do with quantum physics, and more of an innate ability. She had the ability to raise storms, telekinesis and be an all-round badass. 

In one TV spot, she is even seen about to be hanged by religious groups who see her as a demon. This would’ve most likely been carried throughout the game and be a prevalent threat. These would be cut from the game, and tears would be the full focus. 


The Columbia we got to see is both terrifying and beautiful – it’s a floating city after all. Disappointingly, many levels were cut or muted down. Shantytown and Emporia are the ones that lost most of their initial magic. Shantytown was more run down and interactable with further areas to explore, whilst Emporia is almost completely different to the original.

The famous horse scene from the trailer was here with many other scripted moments and areas to explore. Overall, the areas cut built up a more horror atmosphere than the final one presented.


Songbird initially was more of an enemy that follows you around instead of scripted moments. Similarly, zeppelins were shown to be summoned in by enemies at any random moment – but these were taken out.

Despite the world missing out on the original concept, BioShock Infinite is still one of the most entertaining and engaging games out there. Sure, this version would’ve been incredible – but the final edition is brilliant in its own way.

Words by Charlie Vogelsang

Copyright: 2K Games

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