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Ranking Main Series Silent Hill Games

Despite Konami slacking with releasing anything Silent Hill related, it’s still a game franchise that is beloved by many. Let’s journey to Silent Hill and see which game ranks at the top. 


The sixth installment in the franchise, Silent Hill: Homecoming follows a man named Alex Shepherd who is a soldier who has just returned home. He discovers his father is missing, his mother is catotonic and no one knows where his brother is. Alex must find his brother and solve the mystery. It’s not a terrible Silent Hill game, but it’s not innovative or surprising. 


Focusing on a criminal who escapes his transport and ends up in Silent Hill. It’s nothing special, but the story and atmosphere feel like Silent Hill. Sadly, the monster design and combat is just a little too bland. Unfortunately, this was the last Silent Hill title released as well. Come on Konami, bring back Kojima and sort out his own Silent Hill game.  


This isn’t low because it’s a bad game, but because it’s a different departure. The story of Henry Townshend as he finds himself trapped in his apartment as a strange phenomena unfolds around him affecting everyone in the building. Full of twists and terrifying moments, Silent Hill 4: The Room is a great addition to the series. 


A re-imagined version of the first game, this title follows Harry Mason as he tries to find his missing daughter in Silent Hill. Instead of the typical survivor horror aspect, this game is more of a psychological thriller. Throughout the game you are interviewed by a psychologist and these answers affect the game entirely. It’s truly scary to explore Silent Hill without being able to shoot the creatures as well. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a unique title in the series that’s worth playing.


The one that started it all, Silent Hill follows Harry as he tries to find his daughter in Silent Hill. Add a strange cult and a mysterious town filled with monsters, and you’ll get Silent Hill. It set the theme of the series and kick-started the franchise. With an interesting story and characters, Silent Hill is fantastic to play. Sadly, the graphics and combat let it down now. 


A prequel to the series, Silent Hill: Origins tells the story of how Silent Hill became so twisted. A trucker rescues a little girl from a burning building and investigates the town to make sure she’s okay. It’s a well-deserved part of the series with origins to characters, and it’s fascinating to see the town before the madness. If the game shook up the formula a little bit and ported it to the PlayStation 2 better, then perhaps it would be higher on this list.


A direct sequel to the first game, Silent Hill 3 follows Harry’s daughter, Heather, as she is approached by mysterious people directing her to Silent Hill. She must go there to understand her identity and to save herself in the process. Excellent combat, story, characters and everything in between. It’s an outstanding game filled with laughs and tears. 


Following James Sunderland as he searches for his deceased wife after receiving a letter from her inviting him to Silent Hill. After exploring the town, he understands what her letter really means. Inspired by psychological horrors from David Lynch and Hitchcock, Silent Hill 2 really set the landmark for the genre. From the gradual disappearance of the letter to the more human monster designs as the game progresses showing the slow descent into pure madness. 

It covers taboo topics whilst intelligently showing it all through metaphors and symbolism. Silent Hill 2 deserves the title as one of the best games of the 21st century, and we hope that they’ll be another Silent Hill game like this in the future. 

Words by Charlie Vogelsang

Copyright: Konami

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