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Sonic Adventure 2 Review

Sonic was always one of my favourite game franchises as a kid. When Sonic Adventure 2 came out all those years ago, I was excited to try it out and it thankfully holds up even now over 10 years later.

This game is an absolute blast to play, with its fast-paced action, colourful graphics, and catchy music. It originally came out on the Dreamcast, but is thankfully available now available on Windows.

Variety of gameplay styles

One of the things I love about Sonic Adventure 2 is the variety of gameplay styles it offers. You can play as Sonic or one of his friends, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles.

Whether you’re speeding through levels as Sonic, gliding through the air as Knuckles, or shooting your way through enemies as Rouge, there’s always something new and exciting to do.

Well designed levels

The levels themselves are also incredibly well-designed. Each one is packed with obstacles, enemies, and hidden areas to explore, and the different routes you can take through each level mean that there’s always a new challenge to tackle.

Whether you’re racing against the clock, battling a boss, or just exploring the world, Sonic Adventure 2 keeps you engaged and entertained from start to finish.

Top-notch design

The visuals in Sonic Adventure 2 are also top-notch. The game features bright, colorful graphics that really pop on the screen, and the character designs are all fun and distinctive.

The game also uses a variety of camera angles and perspectives to keep things interesting, from the classic side-scrolling action of the Sonic levels to the third-person exploration of the Knuckles and Rouge levels.

And let’s not forget about the music! Sonic Adventure 2 has one of the catchiest soundtracks I’ve ever heard in a game. From the upbeat pop-punk of the Sonic levels to the smooth jazz of the Knuckles levels, the music perfectly captures the tone and atmosphere of each level.


But perhaps the best thing about Sonic Adventure 2 is the sense of fun and adventure that it instils in the player. Whether you’re a long-time Sonic fan or new to the series, this game is sure to put a smile on your face and get your heart racing.

With its engaging gameplay, gorgeous visuals, and memorable music, Sonic Adventure 2 is a must-play for anyone who loves video games. So grab your controller and get ready for an adventure you won’t soon forget!


Words by Jenna Rink

Published by gamergirlmagazine

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