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NEWS: Resident Evil 4 Remake adds free DLC

Capcom has announced that The Mercenaries update will be available for free as DLC in Resident Evil 4. The mode, which was originally exclusive to the PS2 port of the original game, allows players to earn points by killing enemies…

NEWS: Nintendo begins removing features from 3DS eShop

Nintendo is cutting off functionality for one of the 3DS’ free apps just days before the closure of the system’s eShop. The announcement of the closure of the 3DS and Wii U eShops was made early last year, and fans…

NEWS: Persona 5 is getting a new mobile spin-off

Since releasing in 2016, Persona 5 has been regarded as the most successful Persona game yet. There have been countless spin-offs including Persona 5 Strikers and even a dancing game. It now seems that the world of Persona 5 will…


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