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Ranking Main Series Silent Hill Games

Despite Konami slacking with releasing anything Silent Hill related, it’s still a game franchise that is beloved by many. Let’s journey to Silent Hill and see which game ranks at the top.  8. SILENT HILL: HOMECOMING The sixth installment in the franchise, Silent Hill: Homecoming follows a man named Alex Shepherd who is a soldierContinue reading “Ranking Main Series Silent Hill Games”

Why Konami Needs To Bring Back Silent Hill

It’s no surprise to any Konami fan that they are squandering the rights to the Silent Hill games. They cancelled P.T. (Silent Hills) and haven’t made a Silent Hill game in eight years. Instead, they focus on pachinko machines and other avenues that’ll guarantee them money but no heart.  I am a huge Silent HillContinue reading “Why Konami Needs To Bring Back Silent Hill”