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Root Letter Review

Released in 2016, Root Letter is an enthralling adventure game that is sure to captivate players with its well-crafted design, intriguing story, and engaging gameplay. It is the first entry in the Kadokawa Game Mystery brand and was followed by Root Film in 2020. Root Letter follows a boy looking to find out what happenedContinue reading “Root Letter Review”

Spirit Hunter: Death Mark Review

Released in 2017, Spirit Hunter: Death Mark is a first-person visual novel that follows an amnesiac protagonist who must eliminate spirits in order to get rid of his deadly mark. It’s the first entry in the Spirit Hunter series and available on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Windows.  PLOT Set in HContinue reading “Spirit Hunter: Death Mark Review”

Raging Loop Review

Visual novel games are a staple in Japanese society with them being easily accessed through mobile phones or portable gaming devices. Many visual novels are considered boring with predictable plots – but that isn’t the case for Raging Loop. Released originally on smartphones in 2015, the game was ported to PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, NintendoContinue reading “Raging Loop Review”