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Our Team

Jenna Rink


I’ve always been obsessed with horror games and that’s gonna be my focus writing on this website. You’ll often find me scaring myself silly with horror games. My favourite videogame is Silent Hill 2 because it’s just so messed up.

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Charlie Vogelsang

Chief Writer/Instagram Marketing

My favourite videogames are JRPGs or simulation games. The Persona series is my favourite series with Persona 4 being my favourite.

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Kat Howard

Writer/Twitter Marketing

My first experience with videogames was playing Mario on the Nintendo 64. I loved it so much and they’ve been a huge part of my life since. My favourite game is The Last of Us because it’s just masterful storytelling.

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Nicole Morris


I have love gaming for all of my life and absolutely love The Sims. My favourite games vary from simulation to horror games, trust me – I’ll review absolutely anything thrown at me.

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