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NEWS: Resident Evil 4 Remake adds free DLC

Capcom has announced that The Mercenaries update will be available for free as DLC in Resident Evil 4. The mode, which was originally exclusive to the PS2 port of the original game, allows players to earn points by killing enemies within a time limit.

The mode’s return in the Resident Evil 4 remake was confirmed by Capcom, but its release as DLC on April 7th, just two weeks after the remake’s release, came as a surprise to many fans.

It is assumed that the DLC will only be available after completing the game, as was the case in the original. Fans are also hoping that the Separate Ways campaign featuring Ada Wong will also be added in the future.

However, Assignment: Ada, a non-canon mini-game from the PS2 port, will not be included in the remake’s day-one release.

Words by Jenna Rink


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